The Global Assessment Tool (GAT) 2.0 is a survey tool through which individuals are able to confidentially assess their physical and psychological health based the five dimensions of strength: social, emotional, spiritual, family and physical fitness.


• The physical dimension has been added, making this a true holistic self-assessment tool that incorporates your social, emotional, spiritual, family and physical fitness

• You get an improved graphical display of your results in all five dimensions of strength

• You now get two new measures, your RealAge® and the Performance Triad Score:

- RealAge® is a metric that looks at all five dimensions of strength and tells you your biological age compared to your calendar age. It is based on your predicted mortality date as determined by your lifestyle choices and behaviors.

- Performance Triad Score looks specifically at the three main areas that affect mental and physical performance: Sleep, Activity, and Nutrition. You will get a score and detailed report on how your answers affect your ability to perform in the office, at home or on the battlefield