The CSF2 Enhancement Models are based on over four decades of scientific research and recognized best practices in the field of sport and performance psychology. The tenets underlying excellence in human performance are applicable to all professional occupations. The mental and emotional skills required to excel on the athletic field are similar to the skills underlying excellence on the battlefield, in the classroom, in the workplace, and at home. Given this understanding of human performance, CSF2 tailors the delivery of the program to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of Army organizations and populations.


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    Understand the nature of optimal performance

    Appreciate how thoughts, emotions and psychology impact performance

    Identify the mindset that facilitates optimal performance


Identify the mental skills that underlie performance and understand the psychology of performance excellence.


Develop effective thinking skills to create energy, optimism and enthusiam and help manage internal obstacles that hinder performance excellence.


    Identify strategies to strengthen and protect your confidence and foster great performances

    Differentiate effective and ineffective interpretations of success and failure

    Build purposeful and productive self-talk


    Identify common attention "thieves" that hinder performance and develop strategies to minimize their impact on attention

    Create personal cues and routines to improve attention and develop task mastery


Employ methods to take control of your attention, improve your ability to attend fully and concentrate amidst distractions.


Use self-regulation skills to effectively modulate and restore energy in order to thrive under pressure.


    Execute the fundamental components of deliberate breathing

    Learn to maintain composure in times of high stress


    Develop a personal goal setting plan that leads to your success

    Planning, execution, commitment and monitoring

    Identify methods and benefits of staying committed to the outcome goal


Develop a concrete, step-by-step plan for achieving a personally meaningful goal and maintaining the motivation necessary to be successful.


Mentally rehearse succesful performances to program the mind and body to perform automatically and without hesitation.


    Learn how to use your natural capacity for thinking in pictures to set up your mind and body for success

    Utilize practical imagery techniques to improve all aspects of performance

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