The MRT Resource Center is available to those who have completed the 10-day Level 1 Master Resilience Trainer (MRT) course.

If you are a Battalion or Brigade Commander, or a Command Sergeant Major, you may access the MRT Resource Center with a self-certification request process. Log in and look for the message and instructions about requesting access.

 Annual Skills Training Requirement for Soldiers

  The MRT Resource Center is now part of ArmyFit™.

  Once logged in, step through the profile setup process which will take you to your profile page. (Taking GAT is optional if you've taken the GAT in the past year, but will be required if it's been more than a year).

  Once on your profile page, you will see a link to the MRT Resource Center on the top left of the page (above the ArmyFit™ logo) as well as on the right side of you profile page (under your profile picture).

  MRTs are automatically granted access to the MRT Resource Center during the first week of the MRT course.

Please CONTACT US if you have any questions.