CSF2’s Executive Resilience and Performance Course is available in a 4, 8 and 16-hour course. It is designed to train Army Leaders (Company Commanders/First Sergeants and above, their spouses, GS12 and above), and familiarize them with the same Resilience and Performance Enhancement skills Master Resilience Trainers provide Soldiers, Family members and Army Civilians. Certified CSF2 instructors are specially trained to deliver this executive-level curriculum, and are available at CSF2 Training Centers at installations Army-wide. For those without a CSF2 Training Center, Mobile Training Teams are standing by to support.

  To request an Executive Resilience and Performance course, visit your local CSF2 Training Center or
Contact Us to request a Mobile Training Team.

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Q. How do I know which version of the course (four, eight or 16 hour) to schedule/attend?
A. The course is offered in four, eight, and 16 hour versions. The four hour version is designed for brigade and above leadership; eight hour version is for battalion-level leadership; and 16 hour version is for company level leadership. While the course is designed for different audiences, leaders at each of these echelons are welcome to attend any course. Please see above info paper and brochure for a more information and list of skills taught during each version.

Q. How do I schedule an Executive Resilience and Performance Course for my organization/installation?
A. If you are on or near an installation with a CSF2 Training Center, contact the Training Center directly. If you are on an installation, or stationed in an area, that does not have the support of a CSF2 Training Center, please email us or call 703-545-1916. There are Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) prepared to travel to your location and conduct the course (first come, first serve basis). It is recommended you identify a primary and alternate date of request before making contact with CSF2.

Q. Which installations have a CSF2 Training Center?
A. Fort Benning, Fort Bliss, Fort Bragg, Fort Campbell, Fort Carson, Fort Drum, Fort Gordon, Fort Hood, Fort Jackson, Fort Knox, Fort Riley, Fort Sam Houston, Fort Stewart, Schofield Barracks, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and the National Capital Region.

Q. What are the requirements needed for a Moble Training Team (MTT) to come to my installation and provide this training?
A. At locations without a CSF2 Training Center, all unit leadership and/or MRTs, should coordinate with their CSF2 Program Manager. This will facilitate the MTT in conducting multiple courses, if needed, for that installation. The CSF2 Program Manager should then make contact with DA-CSF2 (see above) to coordinate specific needs for their installation. A minimum of 30 personnel (company commanders/first sergeants and above, their spouses, GS12 and above) must be in attendance. Other logistical support needed is a classroom to accommodate the number of attendees, with tables and/or desks for participants to write on, audio visual support, projector, speaker system, three microphones (one lapel and two handheld) and a laptop clicker (to advance slides).

Q. Will leaders that attend the course receive credit for the skills taught?
A. Yes. CSF2 is currently working to ensure that all three versions are reflected in DTMS. After attending the course, MRTs and/or Training NCOs will ensure leaders receive credit in DTMS and when reporting on the USR for all 14 required annual skills.

Q. Who can conduct the Executive Resilience and Performance Course?
A. All three versions of the course will be taught by a certified CSF2 Instructor (specially trained to deliver the executive curriculum; MRTs are not qualified to deliver the executive training).

Q. What is the cost associated with the conduct of the course?
A. There is no cost to your unit. CSF2 will fund the travel of instructors (if travel is required) and the printing of materials.